PEG aims to create employment opportunities for people from all walks of life

Core Values

Our Goal is to Create Jobs for the Under-privilege.
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Brand of Products

PEG has established itself with our unique line-up of products where we hand-pick only the best in the market.

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Corporate Gifts

PEG design and customize gift for every corporate company, accommodating to a special theme or event

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Events Organising

PEG plans collaboration and partnership with other organization to organize an event together.

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Social Outreach

PEG cares for themselves and their communities through voluntary outreach to home and centers

Your support would help us give employment to those in need

Privilege Enterprise Group (PEG), A Social Enterprise where we want to create employment opportunities for people from all walks of life who wants to earn an income to support their families, these include those form the disadvantaged and underprivileged family backgrounds, the low income, the elderly, the single mums and youths who needs to support their living and studies etc, to help them with employment opportunities in the society. We are also the main organizer of various social fairs in many shopping malls, together with our venue partners.


We are the PEG Team.



Ms Rina Pua

Volunteer Advisor

Mr Johnny Huynh

International Premium brands developer


Logistic Department Executive


Social Department Executive
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